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  • Magnetic Tomography world's best remote diagnosis

    Since early 2000s, multinational corporations have been trying to cope up with Transkor's Magnetic Tomography technology. All them failed. Transkor's magnetic tomography technology is THE ONLY technology in the world that can detect defects and risk areas in pipelines hundreds times faster, cheaper and more reliably than conventional technologies used by all others.

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  • Procedure for Magnetic Particle Testing

    Original Procedure for Magnetic Particle Testing was created 8 08 2016 Procedure for Magnetic Particle Testing Document QMS P 007 revision 0 August 08, 2016 3.2 Only those personnel certified Level II or higher in the method being employed are allowed to perform inspections in accordance with this procedure. 4. Definitions

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  • Method to use welder to de magnetize tools/parts? Miller

    i had the oppertunity to see this on a larger scale, my job was to weld connector ends to pipe for off shore drilling, 1 time we had a 30 inch pipe that would hold a heavy pipe wrench on its side from the magnitism, we would call xray and they would come down with some large coil wrapped around the pipe to remove the problem, it worked but i remember this really old welder laughing at this

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  • An introduction to pipe jacking and microtunnelling

    TUNNEL BORING MACHINE (TBM) CUTTER BOOM BACKACTER. EARTH PRESSURE BALANCE (EPBM) PRESSURISED SLURRY. An introduction to pipe jacking and microtunnelling 5. 1 THE PIPE JACKING TECHNIQUE. methods, and the pipe jacking method generally requires less overbreak than segmental tunnels and provides ground support and reduces potential ground movement.

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  • Magnetic Particle Test Corrections Answers Flashcards

    Start studying Magnetic Particle Test Corrections Answers. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What magnetic particle technique could be used for the discovery of longitudinal flaws on a pipe using a stationary magnetic particle machine or bench unit? circular magnetization. the preferred

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  • API Standards for Pipe Inspections AADE

    API Standards for Pipe Inspections API 7G2 Either EMI or FLUT may be used for a specified wall thickness of 0.500 inch or thinner. FLUT is required on tubes with a wall thickness greater than 0.500 inch DS 1 UTFL gt;.400 Wall Used Drill Stem Elements . API RP7G 2 . DS 1 Category .

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  • What is Magnetic Particle Testing? Non Destructive

  • irection o magnaflux

    of performing Non destructive Testing by the magnetic particle method. The use of this method results in finding defects which are not otherwise visible to the eye. By using Magnaflux equipment, materials, and accessories you are able to locate such inherent and processing defects as inclusions, seams, laminations, shrinks, cracks, hot tears,

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  • Magnetized Pipe American Welding Society

    Jul 02, 20110183;32;If performed properly, you should be able to hold a paper clip to the end of the pipe and it should fall to the ground if the magnetic field is reduced sufficiently. This same procedure can be performed with DC, but it is more laborious because you have to switch the polarity of the welding machine at the end of each current cycle.

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  • Magnetic Particle Inspection YouTube

    Feb 26, 20140183;32;Nondestructive Testing Magnetic Particle Inspection Basic principle Preconditions Practical Procedure Responsible for this video Prof. Dr. Ing. Rainer Schwab, Hochschule Karlsruhe

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